Refugee child development + technology
Thinking about the relationship between makerspaces/tech in accordance to child development

calendar_today 9 June 2020
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Making light with light
Notes from soldering a quick solar light circuit...

calendar_today 17 May 2020
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On Play
Notes from 'Creativity, Robots and Research: The power of STEM with Dr Ethan Danahy' and a trip to Wellcome's 'Play Well'.

calendar_today 20 February 2020
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Relationship between self-efficacy and makerspaces?
Interested in whether makerspaces can affect levels of self-efficacy, particularly for those in poverty

calendar_today2 November 2019
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Democratising technology
Summarising two papers on democratising technology and intersectionality in STEM makerspaces.

calendar_today25 October 2019
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Social innovation workshops
In the process of researching organisations which provide makerspaces or social innovation workshops, I kept going back to three particular programs; DoIT, Fab Academy and WAAG.

calendar_today18 September 2019
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Teacher Insights
Spoke to 20+ teachers in the capital who shared their experience teaching

calendar_today7 August 2019
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Junior Workshops
Notes from workshops with older students

calendar_today27 May 2019
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Elementary Workshops
Insight into the first workshop

calendar_today15 May 2019
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Teacher Training
Inspired by the 'Teaching Unplugged' micro:bits lesson in Guyana, I asked to train the teachers first so they are confident with the devices.

calendar_today14 May 2019
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Researching Kano
Collated all research on teaching with the Kano kit

calendar_today19 April 2019
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Researching Merge
Summary of AR/VR kit

calendar_today6 April 2019
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Researching Micro:Bit
Collated all research on teaching with the micro:bit

calendar_today4 April 2019
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Jobs to Be Done
Something to refer back to

calendar_today29 March 2019
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