Ambessa Play
Testing STEM toy kits for children.

Agents of Impact
Working with 16-18 year olds on all things for-profit social entrepreneurship.

ITU Young Leader Forum
Awarded 'Young ICT Leader' by the International Telecommunications Union. Invited to Busan, South Korea in a co-creation challenge.

IT Workshops Eritrea
Conducted IT workshops after requesting donations of Kano laptops, micro:bits and MERGE VR/AR devices.

UCL Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Participated in the ‘Explore 5000’ course in January 2019 with the idea of a solar-powered tablet containing offline teaching materials. This was awarded the ‘Highly Commended’ prize.

Amazon Young Storyteller
Aside from the project manager internship which consisted of data analytic (SQL/visuals), I volunteered on the Young Storyteller project, enabling children to become published authors, in partnership with the Literacy Trust.

Citizen Schools in San Jose
Volunteered to run classes at a San Jose school during my Cisco International Internship Program.